BÁRÛ MU - is a collection of apparel and accessories intentionally curated for the new generation, bridging the diaspora to our motherland.

BÁRÛ (bah-roo) means “clothing” in Kapampangan. In Ilokano, Indonesian and Malay, it means “new.” MU (moo) simply translates as “your/s” - that which belongs to you. In ancient script Kulitan or Baybayin, the MU symbol ᜋᜓ signifies the womb, where we all come from. BÁRÛ MU is an expression of style, rooted in cultural identity. 

Marybelle Bustos aka MB is the creative behind BÁRÛ MU.  Born and raised in Tataviam land also known as San Fernando Valley in a large Kapampangan family, she has fond memories of receiving hand-me-downs from her aunts and cousins, visiting her grandma's neighbor Apung Feling who sewed her special occasion dresses and shopping at thrift stores. This led to her unique eye for fashion and attended FIDM right after high school.  Her fashion career led her to styling music videos for Filipino American artists in Los Angeles, Bay Area and Manila, costume designing for independent films, product development and international sales for the luxury body jewelry company Tawapa, all of which has led to her latest creation - BÁRÛ MU.

As a multidisciplinary artist, MB intentionally designs and chooses unique pieces that tell a story.  She enjoys collaborating with creatives that have shared values and rooted in Kapwa (shared identity). Beyond clothing, MB is also passionate about discovering common threads that connects us to our Austronesian roots and the role it plays in shaping our newfound identities. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey, as we celebrate your style, your culture with BÁRÛ MU. 

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